LA Art Show 2019 | 9 Artists to Follow on Instagram.

When walking through a big art show it is easy to loose focus while digest all the beautiful creations you see. This is why I have done it for you.

9 Artists to follow on Instagram showing at the LA Art Show 2019

-Asha Moné


Loribelle Spirovski

Born to a Filipino mother and Yugoslavian father, Australian based oil painter Loribelle Spirovski is known for her other worldly portraits that bend together pop art, photorealism, and surrealism. “Light” paintings feature vibrant hues to narrate figures and landscapes while the “Dark” paintings depict figures in a more ominous pallet. Both categories of work give a glimpse into Spirovski’s personal journey as she studies her identity as an immigrant thorough the space of the canvas and the imagery in her imagination.


Nigel Cox

Ireland born, London based photorealism painter, Nigel Cox, believes in putting the subject first. A master at commanding negative space to narrate the fleeting moments of life , Cox has created refined solitude with oil paints on linen canvases.


S.C. Mero

Skid Row based, Downtown Los Angeles artist, S.C. Mero is making LA interesting, one penny or found object at a time. With the many abandoned public spaces and hipster “eye-sores” sprinkled around DTLA, Mero lives by the phrase, “Anything can be art.” Mero’s art is a reminder that your canvas can speak political and social commentary for you.


Robert Vargas

If you have travel through Downtown LA, you have possibly passed the “Our Lady of DTLA” mural on 6th and Spring. If you have been on Broadway between 5th and 6th, you have seen the 60,000 sq. ft canvas near completion featuring an images of the LA river, Black Angels and Indigenous Tongva Indians. This is the work of Boyle Height’s own, Robert Vargas. A master muralist and portrait painter, Vargas is a skilled self-promoter known for his time painting on Spring during DTLA Art Walk, as well as a talented artist who believes in putting the community first.


Vika Petlakh / Daniel Allen Cohen

Blind Standard” and “Expectations” are two art works created by photographer Vika Petlakh and mixed media artist Daniel Allen Cohen for Feeny’s Photo. The 48x60 in. plexiglass and digital print exhibit photographs being “torn apart” and taped back together in a demonstration against societies beauty standards but the inability to turn away from the fascination of the lifestyle.


Anthony James

British born, Los Angeles based multi-media artist, Anthony James, is just as inspired by death, destruction and rebirth as he is with speed, mechanization and mythology. His recent work, “Absolute Zero,” illustrates “the concepts of the universal and transcendental in order to demonstrate the impossibility of their representation” through Icosahedrons and is inspired by the historical cosmology of Plato, Baroque architect Francesco Borromini’s dome for Sant’lvo in Rome, Bruce Nauman, Ellsworth Kelly and the Minimalism movement. The neon sculpture includes icongeometric globes of twenty identical triangular facets- created with glass, steel, titanium and LED structures.


Jason Dussault

Mosaic artist, Jason Dussault’s new exhibition, “KICK BACK” is a sneaker and art collector’s love child. With tile, paint, grout, resin and vintage porcelain, Dussault has created true works of art out of his personal favorite sneakers growing up. From the Yeezy 350, the Nike Air More Uptempo 96, Adidas Superstar, to the Vans Checkerboard Slip ons and Converse All Star High Tops, these “kicks” have went from relaxing forms of function to a complementary homage to the biggest pop culture phenomenons in the last decade.

Honorable Mentions


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Jeffrey Chong Wang

Chinese-Canadian oil painter, Jeffrey Chong Wang, is blending his upbringing in China with his current Canadian living. Classic Western oil painting techniques meet contemporary Eastern culture to create what Wang describes as various versions of himself through hues of green, yellow and blue. Inspired by his own cultural upbringing and personal experiences, Wang depicts figures in a style reminiscent to a hybrid of “The American Gothic” and “The Scream.” His artwork is both haunting yet captivating as the sickly figures live their lives through an alternative reality.


Adam Greener

Part irony, part nostalgia, part autobiographical therapy. Adam Greener creates art that is both relatable and nostalgic for the spiral notebook school kids inside of all of us. Like all children faced with the hard reality of growing up and having to look back at the memories of their wonder years, Greener creates blown up scribbles to blend the lines of our grown up emotions and our inescapable childish naivety.