What it’s like being a NIKE girl in an Adidas hyped world. An open letter.

Style by Asha

It’s been a minute and the sneaker world has gone to hell and back. Before you get all up in arms with this post, I am leaving a disclaimer. I acknowledge my bias towards NIKE, but after looking at the current NIKE Air Max Day Release for 2017 (not the G-Dragon Hyped VaporMax’s but the Rugrats Reptar shoes, I mean the Marc Newson Air VaporMax’s) I can’t sit here and say NIKE hasn’t been slacking in the innovation category. 

So here is my open letter to NIKE. From a #TEAMNIKE member living in an Adidas hyped world. 

Dear NIKE, 

My love for you steams past the “aesthetically pleasing designs and colorways.” It’s more about structure, durability, my person history, and stats. I’ve been wearing sneakers since my parents could get my baby feet into shoes. I’ve worn everything from Pastries to DC’s, VAN’s to Converse, even  Asics and Saucony runners. If they looked cool, I’ve had them. Over 300 shoes later, nothing has lasted as long as a pair of my NIKES. 

Over the past 5 year’s I have tried to integrate some of Adidas most coveted shoes into my rotation. I’ve even listened to Hypebeast and Complex Magazines ever failing list. From Pharell’s version of the classic Stan Smiths, the BAPE NMDs, I’ve even tried out the boost in preparation for my failed attempt at buying some Yeezy Boost. But, to no avail, I haven’t been impressed by this new surge of popularity. Granted the boost technology is comfortable, the fabrication had my feet cold and searching for something that was more weather proof. Adidas feel “nice” but they lack something that only you possess. Everything looks great on the outside until you actually deal with it. 


I know it takes 100000000 years to break in a pair of Air Force 1′s, but that is the beauty of it all for me. While it may be a struggle, you (NIKE), as well as VANS and Converse, are the only sneaker companies that have sneakers that consumers don’t mind wearing dirty, scuffed or to the point where they are falling apart. 

When we speak of sneaker culture, “ My Adidas” by RUN-DMC always is brought up, but are we forgetting Nelly’s “Air Force 1′s” and “Classic” by KRS-ONE, Nas, Rakim, and Kanye West. Yes, Kanye West.  

I’m going to bypass the whole “Kanye West for Adidas” paragraph. I think the Y-3 Qasas are the inspo of the Yeezy Boost 750 and the Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase are a rip off of a pair of vintage Reebok Workout Plus kicks (Might as well buy the Reebok Gosha Rubchinskiy x Reebok ‘Workout Plus G’ if you’re feeling froggy.) There is no changing my opinion on the matter. No, he does not get an award for being a “creator.” If you ask me, he was cooler when he was with you. 

Adidas just doesn’t hold the same weight in the culture as NIKE does. Although Adidas has heavyweights “designing” with them, these celebrity lines are nothing more than free press with added merchandise. Who buys the shoes other than “IG Influencers?” What about their impact on skate culture?  What are they doing for sports? What does their stock look like in the long run? Does the sneaker look good with a few scuffs and bruises? I have a billion questions that they can’t answer. 

In conclusion, I will always be #TEAMNIKE but you have got to do better. Become the “NIKE” you have always been. Create new silhouettes and continue to be innovative. Leave the Hypebeast life to Adidas and the “Celebrity Designers.” I know you have it in you. Until then, I’m keeping my sneaker wardrobe open to new contenders as you strive to create something new. 


P.S.: As a sneaker wearer, I appreciate the femininity seen in Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma collection, the originality of Yohji Yamamoto’s Y-3 (Adidas) silhouettes and the beauty of the Air Force1. Ronnie Fieg gets an honorable mention for just being a cool individual. Much respect to all. <3

P.P.S: I’m not a runner but sometimes it’s cool to pretend to be.