#LFW | Starsica A/W 2018

Starsica by Asha Mone

February 18, 2018 | Whimsical . Alluring. Playful. Abstract. 

These are all words I use when describing Starsica’s A/W 18 collection presented at Fashion Scout London. Created by Ike Seungik Lee, the A/W 2018 collection titled, “Sirēn sings for a Mad King” is designed with the idea that we are all the “Mad King;” The phemonom of otherness. This is what makes us view the egos and lives of those other than ourselves through our own subjective perspectives.

As the models floated down the runway in a daze, imagining themselves as prima ballerinas or enchantresses, a singsongy tune transported attendees into the world of Starsica. A place where humor and futility are coupled with dramatic garment construction and though-out concepts from start to finish.  

Ike Seungik Lee has created a story with ever piece of the collection. In the Starsica fairytale, the Siren is represented by the wing motifs and soft fur while the troubadour can be found by the embroidered patterns created by Lee himself. The gothic arched lines and the dark purple hues illustrate the Mad King while the grey exudes his reign of power. The juxtaposition of wide sleeves and glen check patterns highlight the relationship of the Siren and Mad King. Intertexuality. The romanticism seen unpon the tail edges, scribbled print and gold splashes reflect the sadness from the Mad King’s death as the Starsica fairytale comes to a close. 

It was such a joy to photograph and view the show. The makeup look created by Paul Merchant was the icing on the cake. This was my favorite show from London Fashion Week.   Make sure to follow the brand on Instagram and  visit the website http://starsica.com/

Here are my favorite looks from Starsica A/W 18. 

-Asha Moné


Starsica2 by Asha Mone
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