#NYFW | Bibhu Mohapatra S/S 20

American beauty and personal touches.

Elegance, once again, always wins at the end of the day. A collection that screams opulence and glitz peppered with hints of sparkle that only a red carpet could give has been created by Bibhu Mohapatra. Named “Nothing Personal,” the collection is inspired by the 1963 book of the same name by authors James Baldwin and famed photographer, Richard Svedon.

Through bright citrine colors, pleated tulle and handwoven Cauvery silk, we are taken on a journey through silhouettes of classic American beauty and considerable amounts of originality. While 39 red carpet looks juxtapose the happenings of daily American life, the runway collection breathes beauty into the minds of those wishing to be lost amongst the glamour. If only just for a moment.

Crystal pinstripe embroidery. Silk Barathea gowns. Mango pleated tulle. White swan feather jackets.

Like a love letter, I could go on in detail about ever garment. How we don’t see the beauty of each gown until we are able to magnify the craftsmanship used to create it. How we are blinded by the idea of what could be. While the daydream of where we could go and who we could be is intoxicating, we are missing out on the breathtaking beauty that is in front of us. Oh to have long legs like Yasmin Wijnaldum or wish to be seen as as beautiful as Bella Hadid. This collection is just that. A diamond in the rough, A moment of undeniable beauty amongst a world of chaos.

“It is necessary, while in darkness, to know that there is a light somewhere,” - James Baldwin

Here are 8 of my favorite looks.