#NYFW | Cong Tri S/S 20

Dew descends onto the garden as morning blessings.

I find in those droplets the reflection of vivid colours;

the light green of young leaves,

the bring mix of blossoms,

the deep brown of soil…


As dewdrops swell and tilt to the side on leaves and flowers,

the bursting colors sing.

These jeweled globes of moisture

dissipate into the air at the touch of sunlight.

The memory of such glorious beauty lingers in my mind.

- Cong Tri

Nghiêng. Inclined.

Cong Tri’s Spring Summer 2020 collection is fresh and jaunty. It is as refreshing as cucumber water and as vibrant as the first bloom of Lotus flowers in early March. As models walked down the runway of Spring Studios, they were reminiscent of flowers dancing draped in Tri’s signature layers of sequins, chiffon and organza. Tall spring flowers blooming in a waltz of vibrant colors and dramatic necklines. While the collection started off with muted hues of off white, an ode to the winter and early spring seasons, it gradually evolved into the beautiful magenta, turquoise and golden yellow that we see towards the end. This incline transporting viewers from the present New York weather to a new spring day.

As I dream of becoming fashions answer to Thumbelina in a fuchsia mini dress, here are 9 of my favorite looks from the collection .