What You Missed at The Adidas LA Deerupt Experience

Yesterday, I went to the Deerupt Experience presented by Adidas for their new Deerupt sneaker. The set up was beautiful, futuristic, and had its exciting moment. The first room, designed after a workshop, housed the 1 person in the whole event that had the shoes on feet ready to talk about the shoe. 


Rep: " In my opinion it's more comfortable than previous boost and the yeezy's "

Me: "But how does it hold up in the weather?"

Rep: "Yeah... ummm. I wouldn't wear these in the rain or anything. Once the water hits them, they are kind of done for. It's definitely a Summer shoe."

Yay! Another sock shoe that is stylish but impractical. Can you feel my excitement? 

After the entrance their was an cool dance group and the next 3 rooms were all laser/ digital photo ops for attendees to get their cool snaps for the gram. That was It. 

 I wish that the organizers didn't rush attendees. When Andrew and I got to the Reef, we had a 4pm to 6pm spot. We walked in at 3:58pm and there were another 7 or so people there with the same spot. If we were in a room longer than 3 minutes, there was an organizer pushing us to go to the next room. I really wanted to explore and take in the rooms as well as ask some reps how they felt about the shoe but the rushing took that away. There was only one rep really excited to push the shoe.The whole event was a good 15 minutes. 10 of those minutes we spend in the black and white room at the end trying to take photos. :( 

Don't get me wrong, Adidas has come out with some bangers in the past 3 years but the Deerupt is just a color blocked boost with added webbing to cover up the sock-like apperance. I don't know how many people are going to flock to it. It is marketed as a runner due to its ultra-flexibility but it looks like an leisure sneaker. It is minimal but the webbing reminds me of a Sketchers performance sneaker. Just buy a regular ultra boost or an NMD if you are looking for an Adidas knit sneaker.