What NYFW SS17 taught me.


1. No calendar. No direction. | Welcome to the new era of out of focus fashion people.

I can’t describe the amount of chaos I’ve seen step on the runway. One by one the innovators that we all looked to for creative expression have grew lazy and reckless with there collections. Collections don’t mean anything in America, it’s about the after parties and the presence of todays pop culture “Icons.” 

2. The subway is faster than taxis and your favorite Uber driver.  Get yourself a metro card future fashionistas. Get a metro card. #SAVINGS

3. Street Style + Sponsored Looks. 

I didn’t come to NYFW to solely take photos of women with mirrored sunglasses in sponsored clothing. This maybe a personal opinion but as a street style photographer, I thrive on capturing the creativity and personal style of ever individual I come across. I don’t want to just see walking ads. This isn’t the walking Vogue September issue. If your going to be an influencer, be different. Be daring

4. Division in the industry. | Possible Personal Rant. 

I wish there was more unity as a fashion community. Here’s a personal recommendation to the magazines, photographers and media outlets: Give credit to the fashion individuals that are making an effort to change the pace of fashion and are giving you what the industry needs to survive. Photograph more minorities that just don’t have ombre hair, minimalistic wardrobes and are living by the code of the Hybepeast Vsco filter. Promote more individuals that are stepping out of the creative bubble that the world has placing them in. Celebrate men and women of different colors, sizes, shapes and ages.  Show more people, in general, that aren’t carbon copies of a Kardashian.  (No shade to the Kardashian- Jenner Family keep influencing.) 

5. Commercialization | Fashion for the masses. 

As I said before , I believe the designers have grown lazy and to follow up, I feel like the American fashion industry continues to just let everyone in to the industry if they have the right follower count or the money to blow. Talent is no longer a needed asset. Going to NYFW is almost like going to a concert. There are a billion ways to get into the shows and at this point, if you have ever bought something out of V-Files, resold a supreme tee, been Anna Wintour PostMates driver or sold water outside of Penn station, you can get in. I guess you haven’t really made it in the fashion industry unless your covering the shows over seas.

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