#LFW | DB Berdan x Reebok SS19


Queer God/ Goddess

DB Berdan, has something to say. After graduating LCF for Costume of Performance in 2015, Begum, daughter of Deniz Berdan, took on the role of head designer at DB Berdan and looked to her personal inspirations, underground subcultures, advocation for the LGBTQ community and standing side by side social rights movements, to take contemporary streetwear to another level.

Visually you can see the familiar 90’s flare. Baggy silhouettes and comfortable t-dresses paired with visible boxers under mix-matched denim marched down the runway. You also take notice of the collaboration with Reebok sprinkled in-between looks since DB Berdan reconstructed 10 pieces for a limited edition “Reebok Classic Reconstructed” collection. The collection is stunning and it’s any “Cozy Girl/ Boy’’s” dream but SS19 is more than that.

The SS19 collection is about taking a stand. Outraged by the Boris Johnson’s calling women who wear burka’s bank robbers, DB uses the runway to make a statement. Throughout the collection you can see the words “This is not a bank robbery” in block letters across garments and accessories. The inspiration for the collection comes from Berdan’s Middle Eastern heritage and contemporary Turkish miniature artist Murat Palta’s painting “ Gods, Monster and Men.” In the middle of Palta’s painting lies Umay Ama, a intersex deity who is the goddess silhouettes love at night and god of war at night.

SS19 asked the question “Where there’s humanity, there will be war for eternity.”

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