ROYGBIV | Green is the color of

Green is the color of the future. Nature and nurture. Growth and sustainability. Renewable energy and capitalism. Sickness and health. Life and death. These are all synonyms and antonyms of "the future." I like to think of green as the Ying and Yang of personal growth. As you grow older, your prime focus advances towards what makes you feel good. Whether you are adding more vegetables to your diet, going to see that movie you have been putting off until payday, or doing something wild and spontaneous, remember the future is what makes you happy. It's these things that make the stress go away and smiles grace the lines on your face. Stress is a part of the process. It is ok if the future is out of order. We all go through it. Just remember to keep growing.

"We either are “green and growing”, or we are “ripe and rotting”. Change is inescapable." - Ray Kroc


In terms of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Here is my "save the planet" PSA. Do your best to eliminate plastic straws, bottles, utensils, and containers. You will do the environment and your pocket an important favor. A water bottle can take 450+ years to decompose. Take care of yourself and the planet. Here is a small list of my favorite reusable items. 


With Love

-Asha Moné