Asha, Who Are You?

I’m not sure there is a correct way for me to start this off. I could reference some “How to Blog” post by A Pair and a Spare or sit and gawk at all that is Margaret Zhang’s Shine By Three but, I don’t think those will help me grasp what the initial introduction should be.

Do I write in detail all my aspirations and ideas? Do I give you background on my life or maybe why I am starting this blog? Honestly, how do I speak about all my hobbies and interest without this becoming the start of my Tinder profile or sounding like one of “those” people that might be over-saturating the industry.

I’m not too sure but, I’m gonna try my best.

My name is Asha Moné. I’m a 22 year old designer and aspiring photojournalist currently based out of Los Angeles. Between creating and traveling, I’m a sneaker enthusiast to the max with a slight obsessive compulsive disorder with lines, color theory, streetwear and the criterion movie collection.

To answer two commonly asked sneaker questions: No I don’t own any Yeezys. They’re just Y-3’s anyway. I wear all the sneakers I buy. I don’t save them.

Personally, I have a lot of aspirations for this site. Some falling in line with showcasing all the things that I do as a member of the fashion industry and key moments that will help me establish my clothing line, Le Tokio Amor. 

Now don’t think that’s all there is to me, I do want to showcase a collection of other things. 

For example, the creative and analytical perspective from different individuals I meet and know, findings and moments that spark inspiration and a sense of adventure and some fun stuff, like what I’m currently blasting from my speakers *(Joey PurpShotta SpenceDean, don’t worry we will get to that later.)*

There are hundreds and maybe even thousands of ideas I have in my head and on paper. But my friends and I feel that they will do better out in the world, then collecting dust or being forgotten.

Over all, the #1 thing this blog is dedicated to is me stepping out of my comfort zone. I have been blessed with a lot of great opportunities and I want to share them. So welcome to my journey. Let’s find out who Asha Moné is.