Mini Post | Valentine’s Day Nowness

I have had 2 conversations about love and relationships in the past 3 months. One ended something like this: “DUDE!!! Please blog about this.” My reply at the time was, “What do I know? I’m just an outsider looking in.” Looking back at that conversation now I am left saying “But then again what don’t I know.”


At this point in my life I’m surrounded by the stories and emotions that love and breakups bestow upon a bunch of 20 something year olds who wondering what’s next in life. What job they want next. What they are going to eat next. Who they are going to love next. Well, what’s next is now. This is the best love advice I have ever received, given and believed in. 

Everyones situation is different and I don’t believe everyones advice should be followed. With that being said, a common denominator in everyones life is there ability to live in the now. 

You only have now. The person you love. The dreams you are chasing. The thoughts running through your mind. Are all apart of now. You can’t sit around wondering if what you have will last until tomorrow or for all of eternity. If you are being respected, loved, cherished and supported in this moment, why can’t you allow yourself to be in love right now? What part of romance is tells you other wise? Don’t let your thoughts for tomorrow make you miss out on the love you were suppose to have today. 

So do me a favor on this Valentines Day. Make sure you tell yourself and the person you hold dear to you (friend, family, lover, pet, etc.,) you love them. Don’t worry about the longevity of the relationship. Live in the moment. 

Here’s a little Valentines day playlist to get you going.

  1. Jelani - Aalyah Rock The Boat Remix
  2. Drake- How Bout Know? 
  3. Don’t X Into You | Bryson Tiller X Ariana Grande
  4. Rad Museum- Woman
  5. BJ The Chicago Kid- Perfect
  6. Taemin- Play Me
  7. Dean - Put My Hands On You (OnStage Performance)
  8. Esthero- Many Time ft. Miguel

From NYFW FW2018 with Love, 

-Asha Moné