Welcome to Beverly 1lls | Illionaire Ambition Tour LA | 120217

It’s officially 48hrs after the Los Angeles stop of the Illionaire Ambition tour. I’ve edited 100 out of 2000 photos and here’s is a short synopsis that should make you want to buy a ticket or download an album. 

Background: I have been a fan of Illionaire Records since what seems like the labels existence. From Beenzion’s “24:26,″ The Quiett’s “Quiet Storm: A Night Record,” Dok2′s “Illstrumentalz Vol.1,” it’s been on heavy rotation since my high school days. When I first moved to LA, I made sure to go to a good number of shows that they were performing at.  I reference these moments to say that when I heard they where headlining their First American Tour with new signees/ label, Ambition Musik, I couldn’t let this moment pass. 

And I was not disappointed. 

Illionaire by Asha Mone

Throughout Hash Swan, Keem Hyoeun, and Changmo’s performances I was pleasantly surprised by their energy and their delivery. Yes guys. I saw them on various seasons of Show Me The Money, but seeing an artist in person can make or break themHash Swan brings that quirky/fun/cute factor that we all love (Beenzino)Keem Hyoeun is wholeheartedly that new school/ 90s feel with a power house voice and strong delivery (The Quiett). If you’re a old school hip hop head, like myself, he might be your go to person. Changmo was undeniably the crowd favorite. He’s charming, flows smooth, demands the audiences attention (Dok2).

Seeing them perform “One More Rollie” on stage solidified Ambition Musik as Illionaire protégés in my eyes. Their vibe. Their energy. Everything. They are all extremely talented and they are not just apart of an iconic label. They do a good job of holding their own. 

Illionaire2 by Asha one

And to the OG’s…

they don’t need much explaining or introduction. Due to Beenzinos mandatory military service he was missing from this show, but I’m sure they have something cooking for him when he comes back. The Quiett has and always will be a great performer. I’m not going to act like I didn’t want to hear Quiett perform Body 2 Body or Money over Bitches, but I was not disappointed nonetheless. Dok2is a Young King. Young Boss. No questions asked. He always comes through with the bangers.

Illionaire by Asha Mone

And that’s the thing about Illionaire. I don’t have to go down the list of songs performed for you to know it was lit. They have showed time and time again how and why they are Kings in the Korean Hip Hop world as well as one of the most, if not the most, influential Korean Hip Hop labels.  From beats to swag to wordplay and song choice, they always deliver. Their shows never have a dull moment and now that Ambition Musik has been created, the surely will hold on to their unstoppable factor. If you don’t turn up when you go to a show, you’re missing out. If you don’t want to go out, hustle and buy a Rolex when you leave…. you’re missing the point. 

So do me a favor. Go get Hash Swan’s “Shangri-La” project. Keem Hyoeun’s “My Ambition- EP,”  Changmo’s “Gettin Money Moment,” Dok’s “Crazy-EP” and The Quiett’s “Millionaire Poetry.” You won’t be sorry. 

P.S. I need a collective tour when Beenzinocomes back from the army. Thanks guys.