Agenda Festival Long Beach 2017

Whats up guys? How’s your summer going? First up. Here is an Agenda Fest. Recap. 

Agenda Fest Asha Mone

Thanks Baylie for the hook up. Last Saturday, after driving around for a hour to find parking, I got into Agenda, hit up my home girl at the front desk and began the journey through the maze of booths, food and baby hypebeast just looking for freebies and their favorite influencers. Once I got outside and made my way past Ben Baller, everything was pretty standard. Some kids were doing some BMX tricks on a make-shift ramp, the flexing of fake Gucci bags was at 100%, the main stage crowd was beginning to grow and that was that. I stayed at the main stage originally to see Yes Julz set but I got bored and decided to take a small break. Lil Lexi was great though.

Once Lil Dicky was on stage, I stayed at the main stage until the end and got some great shots. I almost died, thanks to Taco’s minions breaking the front barricade but I feel like that happens everytime I’m in the pits of hell we call crowds.

Agenda Fest by Asha Mone

Other than that, I don’t have much to say about the overall show. I appreciate Ben Baller being a great background hype man for Killa Cam. I’m not the biggest fan of  Yes Julz or Taco’s “djing” but that’s a personal preference. Anything else stated you already heard about. i.e. Asap Rocky’s Asap Bari Diss. 

So here’s some photos.There are a bunch on my IG. Follow Me On IG


Agenda Fest Asha Mone

- Asha Moné