Dean at the Mayan Theater

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120916 | Sometime this year I stumbled upon a video titled “Bonnie & Clyde” by Dean. From the moment I heard the baseline of my now favorite track, I have feverishly downloaded Dean’s debut project, “130mood: TRBL” and looked for ever song he is currently featured on. 

Because of this, when I saw that Dean was performing in LA Friday, I made it a mission to buy tickets for the show on the release date as I boarded my flight back to LA. s/o @supwiththeworl for helping me. 

Side note: This might have been as stressful as attempting to buy SummerSixteen tickets. REBELS (Dean’s fans ) and that PurplePass platform don’t mix. The site is too slow and there are a lot more REBELS than I think the show producers thought.. 

I only have one complaint in regards to the show.  I’ve never been to the Mayan and I see why. The floor set up is designed strictly for a club and not really a concert.  I’m not sure why the Transparent Agency didn’t use the Belasco as agencies usually do when KHipHop/ KR&B artist perform in Los Angeles. Personal Opinion.


The show opened with Soulection regular, starRo and Them/ Jeans. *insert Ginuwine reference* I don’t think I have seen that many performers on stage in a long time. I appreciate all the vibes they were giving out and the music they played.

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Now for Dean…

From the moment Dean stepped out on the stage to the moment that he got off, I was left thinking: “Wow he is gorgeous” “Wow his vocals are amazing.” “Dean, aren’t you hot with all those layers on?” Dean is definitely a powerhouse with a baby face and 100 layers of clothing on. Sonically, all the songs he performed had me and my friend dancing until the end. Rhythmically, Dean’s got ever version of the Grandpa dance down packed.Visually, the boy is got it. Simple as that. 

I could honestly keep going and add 14 more gifs to this post but I don’t think tumblr will allow me, so i’ll end my recap here.  I can’t wait for Dean to put out more material and to catch him performing again. Maybe with Fanxy Child. :) 

P.s.: Dean, Deanfluenza, Kwon Hyuk, we love you and we love you in hats. We just don’t love you in that leather bucket hat. 

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