COMPLEX CON 2017: In Search Of The Real. For All My Real.

November 7th, 2017

Now that I can feel my legs and the biggest clout festival of all time has ended, I can give you a true write up about the situation. No Bs. No Holding Back. 

N.E.R.D.’s comeback was what made Complex Con enjoyable.


The music was new, fresh, and exciting. There was a wave of creative energy radiating on the stage that could be felt by everyone in the arena. From track 1′s “Deep Down Body Thirst,” to track 11′s “Secret Life of Tigers,” I felt emotional as I stood in front of the stage. I was glad to be a fan. I yearned for music that was inspiring. There was music that I felt had a purpose and, I was happy to received that. The performance was what the consumers deserved and had been wanting. Speaking of consumers..


Complex Con’s Expo experience missed a underlying mark. 


If you seen Bobby Hundreds Instagram post about Complex Con  (please go read it), then you may know exactly what I have to say. The expo lacked substance. It was all about the money. Everyone had “limited addition merch,” that is probably going to be re-released in the next 3 months online and consumers flocked to it. While there were aspects that were inspiring, I’m sure 70% of the attendees were too busy standing in line to enjoying the Expo. While thousands were looking for a come up, the outside world was dealing with yet another American tragedy happening in Texas. There wasn’t much dialog being brought up about current events at Complex Con and what we as a community,  can do to change it. 


The world is so much bigger than trap music, sneakers, and clout.

We have to be informed. The Sneaker Industry, alone, is a $55 billion dollar industry. Do you know how powerful we are if we share valuable knowledge between eachother? Just imaging how impact we could have on the world. 

Overall there were some great concerts and special guest. If you were able to see all of your favorite artist perform, grab some merchandise and see some of the conversations, I applaud you. (I missed both Yoon Ambush, André3000 and N.E.R.D’s conversations.)  Every event can be approved. I hope next year the organizers have more artist use their voice to speak  about current events. 

-Asha Mone

Side Note: I have to spotlight the one thing about the expo I can say was the most enjoyable was Pintrill Scavenger Hunt. There was a logical purpose for it. I got to interact with so many people just because of a pamphlet. I met new designers and checked out the booths because of it. It made being at Complex Con less overwhelming. 

P.S.- Did anyone else hear A$AP Ferg screaming “Fuck NIKE” from the Adidas Booth? Maybe that was just me.