In the mist of my severe jet lag from traveling back to LA, Travis Scott opened the doors to another Rodeo just 14hrs after I touched down. 

081216 | .WAV Party : the video premier for 90210 and Pick Up the Phone and an installation by noted conceptual Californian light artist, James Turrell. 

Besides your regular attendees, Kanye West, James Harden and ¼ of Los Angeles InstaFamous population, it was a low key Travis Scott Fan party. Free merch, free drinks, new music videos and a whole Dj set from Chase B. 

Pick Up the Phone & 90210: The vibrant reds and greens in the Pick Up the Phone video, gave you 90′s throwback Hype Williams vibes from start to finish. I can honestly say that it was one of my favorites from the night. I can appreciate 90210 and the creative element that it gives you. Thankful someone still cares about music video production in the industry. 

Words of advice to the “Ragers” out there: if you ever get to go to a Travis show and see his action figures sprinkled around, keep an eye out. Last night 10 or more Travis Scott Action Figures were up for grabs and who ever got to it first, go to keep it. Lucky them. 

Quick Recap before I head out for Day N Night Fest this morning. 

 We survived the Rodeo, once again. 7th in 2 years