First thing first, Chaelin Lee, CL, is gorgeous. I only wish that I had a actual camera and not a scratched Iphone 6 to capture that aspect of her. As a fan that has seen her grow from debut to now, I am still amazed by her beauty and skill as an artist. CL was born to be a star. 

When I heard that she was going to debut in the States, in 2013, I was rooting for her with open arms and years later, I am still rooting for her. 

Her dancing, production and vocals were on point throughout tonights show, but I feel like we all wanted to see more of her and not just her as a member of 2NE1. Don’t get me wrong or jump in my comments about that statement. It’s only an opinion which is up to perception.  When she spent the last 15+ minutes giving us purely her, that gizibe baby, that bad girl that blew us away with the rawness of “Hello Bitches” and “The Leaders”, that international fashion muse, the crowd got lit or in her words LIFTED.


We all respect 2NE1 and wish we could have them back as a unified powerhouse. There will never be another group like it and to truly love CL, you have to be a BlackJack at heart. Hopefully in 2017 YGE and Scooter Braun release some of her solo material that they have had locked in the basement. #ygdungeon. 

She’s a great artist. She deserves the right opportunity to show off her artistry. 

Side Note: To Microsoft Theater, next time you have a show, please let people on the sides know that they are buying tickets with an obstructed view. Thank god we all know how to finesse open seats or we would have been staring at the red curtains on the side.