"It's Gonna Be May." A *NSYNC "Dirty Pop" Exhibit. From an Ex- Fangirl.

In honor of “It’s Gonna be {May}” it’s only right that your boyfriends favorite “Girlfriend“Bring In The Noise” and give you the run down from a pop up for 90’s favorite “Pop” “Celebrity” *NSYNC.  So without further delay, I knew I needed the photos for the Instagram “Digital Get Down” aka the Instagram algorithm, so here you go. If you didn’t know, “I Thought You Knew.”

A little lost? Too corny? Sorry about that. Anyway back to nostalgia corner.



On April 30th the iconic boy band, formally known as *NSYNC, received their star on the Walk of Fame side of Hollywood Blvd and LaBrea in sunny California. In honor, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, JC Chasez, and Justin Timberlake, Epic Right's created a free pop up experience for the groups super fans steps away from the scene. Knowing this I marked my calendar. 

So on “It’s Gonna Be May” I, along side a not so happy friend, stood in line for 4 hours so that I could relive my love for boys with artificial curly blonde hair, chokers and throwback jerseys. It was a perfect way to ring in the new month and relive my Claires, Burger King Cina minis, TRL Live elementary school days. 

The first 2 hours were lack luster as we stood in line and watched the tourist take photos of steps and wall decals, but 30 minutes into hour 3, the man his self Jusssss…. JC Chasez popped up causing slight pandemonium. [If you loved him so much I hope you bought Schizophrenic. *insert eye roll*] As much as I wanted to complain about him making the line go slower, I couldn't. He was a gentleman and took the effort to go from the front of the line to the back to grab selfies, hug babies and pose with snapchat filters for anyone that asked. Not too many celebrities would do that. 

Good Job JC. You're ok in my book. 

Once we got inside it was very much a photo-booth setup.  I was expecting a full KB Toy Store set up but the iconic "No Strings Attached" box and the ultimate 90s fangirl room would have to do. Too bad they weren’t selling "Now Thats What I Call Music" CD’s, Hit Clips  or my favorite, the  *NSYNC at Madison Square Garden presented by HBO rerun concert on VHS. 


It was 30 minutes of real nostalgia that I am glad I experienced. Most of the merch was sold out so, I will be on an Etsy hunt for some vintage *NSYNC threads. 

Before I close out this post, I have to leave you with a few of my favorite tracks.

My Top 7 Songs

  1. Digital Get Down    | My pick for the least talked about song of the decade.
  2. Girlfriend      |The Neptunes changed the game with this.
  3. It’s Gonna Be Me
  4. Tearin' Up My Heart
  5. Gone   |The "Justin's going solo song."
  6. Señorita    | Girlfriend Pt. II but with only Justin
  7. It Makes Me Ill

Let me know if you had a favorite member. <3


P.S. Here’s a personal story from my *NSYNC fan girl days.

I was in fan love with Justin Timberlake since day one of their debut. One of my closest friends in elementary school also claimed him as her favorite. One day after pondering in my pink barbie ballerina decorated room and staring at the life size Britney Spears "Baby One More Time" poster, I came up with a plan to tell her that Justin was dating uber popular singer Britney Spears in an effort to derail her baby heart and have her like another member. I told her that the next day at school and it worked. JC Chaez was on her mind. Justin was now my favorite and mine alone. 

Next day. MTV announced that the 2 were a pair. Damn. I guess I'm a Backstreet Boys fan now. 

Word Of Advice. The things you say really do come true. 

The crazy things we do as kids :)

- Asha Moné