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003 | Day N Night Festival

As I sit in a Starbucks playing a mix between the ClockWork Orange and Swan Lake soundtrack, I thought this would be a great time to reflect on my “Top 10″ Memories from Day N Night Festival 2016.

10. There was no service of any kind. In the wake of today’s current events and the fact that we are all “kids of the internet age,” this might have been one of the most idiotic decision that the festival made. 

09. VIP vs. VIP Pit vs. General Admission vs. Cabana. Thank you Day N Night for finessing all of us to believing there was a difference to any of this. Thank you for having 4 ottomans and 12 chairs in the VIP section.

08. Lil Uzi . The fastest rapper to ever run in Hip-Hop.

07. 21 savage. “the Marshawn Lynch of the rap game.” I’m just here to rap so I don’t get fined. No frills. No sparks. No flares. Just because you’re turning up, this doesn’t mean I have to. Honestly, I don’t blame you at all.

06. The performers that had a scheduled set at 12pm although doors didn’t open until 12pm. I salute you. 

05. The Sony Cyber-shot official photographer. Get your shots however you have to get them. You get those shots sir.

04. 85% of the Logistics. 

03. “Boys get Yamborghini-high, Lambo by the crib, This is how it is, this is how we live, Bitches, bitches, bitches, bitches.”

02. Russ Diem. I didn’t know Russ before Day N NiGHT but I’m a fan of him now. This was Day N Night Fest ft Russ and everyone else. I don’t know how he got two prime time spots to perform but hey, kill the game young man. Now Playing: Russ- What They Want

01. The OC Check Point. On Saturday night, during the last 10 minutes of ASAP Rocky’s set, we made a mad dash to my car in order to leave the camp ground. By 12:30am, 1hr and 15 minutes after we got in the car, we had only moved a few feet and people began moving cones and gates to move faster. At 1:15am, the sound of horns honking began to become normal, people began to park their cars and the impatient ones started walking to the exit to see what the hold up was. In the mist of all the madness police choppers were flying above and to the right of us, we began seeing S.W.A.T. members fashioned in Rifles and Ak’s. After asking a few frantic concert goers what was up, we found out that OC police had created a checkpoint at the top of the exit and were now towing cars. I’m all for cracking down on drunk drivers (Don’t drink and drive kids, it’s not safe) but the police and Day N Night should have handled this better. (Example: Close alcohol sales an hour or two before the end of show.) When we finally got out, closer to 2am, a long line of angry parents were blocking the oncoming traffic line and even more kids were walking in the pitch black trying to find service to use their phones or trying to hitch hike in an effort to get home. Congrats OC Police, you played yourself. I hope you made your quotas for the year.

All in all, I’m still alive besides this bruise near my eyebrow that I got from a random mosh pit breaking out during Bryson Tiller. Until next time. - A.M. 

P.S.- S/o Joey Purp for being my favorite performer

Vic Mensa
Joey Purp