The Kanye Experience: Saint Pablo Tour 11 | 02

Kanye 1.gif

If you know anything about Kanye’s “ Life of Pablo” album, you know that it’s been all about consumption. For 10+ months we have seen nothing but over the the top fashion shows, massive music video showings and Gildan pop-up shops. All of which have made us brutally honest with ourselves and say: “We are Hypebeast.” We live for the trend and the hype.

Now I’m not gonna bore you with things you already have heard about attending the show. Yes, celebrities are in the crowd. Yes, it all about the rage. Yes, there is merchandise (honestly you don’t need to go to the show to get merch. They sell it in the parking lots.

But what they didn’t tell you was what the actual experience was.

Analogy: Going to see this show reminded me of seeing fish at a pet store. We (the faithful GA ticket holders) are nothing more than a bunch of fish swimming around an over crowded tank in poor lighting, waiting for the store owner (Mr. West) to drop in our food so we all can rush over to the sides and eat (in possible satisfaction.

There were no frills or gimmicks for the Saint Pablo Tour. Just a bunch of kids decked out in Yeezy's 350s and Gildan x Pablo merch, performing their best rendition of the their favorite songs. To be honest, I think many of us forgot Kanye was even floating above our heads. We were to busy raging under his platform or attempting to not fall and die in the spilled beer on the floor.  I guess if you purchased actual seats your experience would have been different, but being on the floor brought about the same level of excitement you get from attending your first warehouse party mixed in with a bunch of “Sorry! I didn’t mean to step on you’s.”

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But it’s Kanye West. We pay for the experience and not the person. No complaints. Just added Hypebeast memories. 

Shout out to the high school kids who bought personal photographers for the show last night. You are taking the hype to new levels. Also, a Happy Birthday goes out to Stephanie, a fellow Kanye fan I met at the show.  Have fun at your third Saint Pablo Concert in Anaheim. #Dedication

P.S: To the Yeezy Team, if you happen to see this. I still haven’t gotten my Life of Pablo Hoodie that I ordered in February with the album/theater release. Can I get a email back. I got my receipts.