What Happened at Camp Flog Gnaw 2016

I’m tired but I don’t have to tell you that. So here is a quick out of order read for you Monday morning. 15 thinks that happened on my trip to Camp Flog Gnaw 2016.

1. Thank you Tyler the Creator/ Expo Park for having us walk through a maze of metal crowd control barricades. Not only was I dizzy before I reached the entrance, but the dust clouds were an amazing touch during the approximately 20 rows zigzag. I vaguely remember someone saying it was a social experiment to see how much we would deal with to get in. *shoulder shrug* Festival Life.

2. Take the train to Camp Flog Gnaw. Hear Tyler’s voice direct you to your destination. Grab a couple of City Bike free passes. #savetheEarth. 

3. I missed Rae Sremmurd’s set. Damn it. Could have been apart of in the Black Beatle Challenge. 

4. Did Lil Uzi do his “Speedy Gonzales” thing again? Let me know. I missed that too. 

5. Stop leaving your water in trees and coming back to drink it. This is how people whined up in the hospital roofied. Be smart. Be Safe

6. Action Bronson “F*ck Thats Delicious” Chicken bowl. One Word: Excellent.

6.2. Honest question, was I suppose to bring a date to Camp Flog Gnaw? I think I was apart of the 1% that just came with their friends. 

6.25. If your friend or significant other is 2 seconds from passing out, for whatever reason, get the attention of the medics. I get that you’re “partying” but it’s better to be safe than sorry. #takecareofyourfriends2K17

6.5. How the f*ck was I suppose to get on rides, buy merch and run between 2 stages that were at least 13 minutes apart. I will remember to purchase wings next time. 

7. Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals shut it down. So proud of those guys. 

8. Joey Purp. Once again, my fav, pops up at Tokimonsta’s set. *quick dance to Girls ft Chance the Rapper.*

9. Ran into Julian and Austin 10000000000x. MadeLA Golf Wang Fashion show days. 

Camp Flog

10. GOD Created Chance the Rapper and the Church screamed “AMEN.” #Blessings

11.S/O to Erykah Badu for showing off those leggings, being unapologetic, fashionable, and sexy at 45. 

12. Finally saw all of ASAP MOB on stage together. Although I missed 95% of ASAP Ferg’s solo set. Speaking of Rocky……… 

13. “All that I wanted man, Bring me some money man, Look at my wallet man, Countin’ the hunnids.“ “OWWWW”

14. Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt reuniting. Sorry guys, no Frank Ocean this time.

Thats it. Asha Moné signing off!