Crush’s “Wonderlust” Tour LA

Unsurprisingly, I’m still sick from Day 2 of Camp Flog and I almost forgot I was going to Crush’s LA stop for his Wonderlust tour. I made it there and after ignoring a few unwanted hairflips from some catty girls and grabbing my tissues, I can give you a quick synopsis of my experience.


First thing first, Millic.  Click his name, go to his synopsis. Thank me later.

I am a fan of Club Eskimo (Miso, OFFONOFF, Punchello, Dean, Millic, etc.) 

That mix he did last night with the “W.D.Y.W. by Lil Uzi, A$AP Ferg” cut was amazing. I could have only wished that the concert goers and “K-towns Elite” would actually dance or bounce. 

I would have loved to bottle up his mix and play it this morning. Also, he’s one of the few Dj’s I’ve seen recently that did not bring out their MacBook Pro and just start “Dj’ing.” Respect.

crush 1.gif

Now for Crush. 

“HUG HUG HUG ME” *slow groove*

I’ve been listening to the likes of Crush since I was in high school. Sometime back in 2012/2013 when he first debuted I remember thinking his vocals were astonishing. Now that I have seen him in person I feel the same way. Can’t complain at all. It was also nice to see Lydia Paek out here rocking the stage. 

Actually I can. That fringe suede jacket he had on, needed to go. If only he would have had matching cowboy boots on and a 10 gallon hat, maybe i would have been all for it, but that wasn’t the case. Moving on. 

When I left the balcony to try to get a good iPhone shot (thank you overheating iPhone 6 for the trouble) I saw so many different types of people dancing and having fun. It was great and one of the reason I love Crush’s music.  Shout out to the black girl that was in front of me doing the chicken head (haven’t seen that dance in years). Rock on MAMA. 

“9 to 5, 5 to 9, 7/11, 24/7″ *dab*

That’s all for now.Short and Sweet. See you guys next time!! Asha Moné

Wait! I almost forgot to add this part. Millic, I know you and Deanfluenza are Best Friends Forever but can you warn us, or me, if you decide to rock the extremely tight baseball cap and oversized coat look. I know it’s a club eskimo thing but gosh. You had me questioning my vision from the balcony thinking you were your bestie. 

crush 2.gif