WOLVES at The Troubadour

Last Thursday, at the Troubadour ,was a whirlwind of techno rhythms and sultry harmonies led by Los Angeles based duo, Wolves. Consisting of Marc Avery and Sean Carney, site Coldplay, The Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, and Earth Wind & Fire as huge inspirations as they create a genre of their own; “Surf Trap.”

When I got the invite from Avery to come and see their headlining show, his first description of the group was that they were a mesh between “Post Malone and Prince” with an electric and energetic sound. I didn’t know where to begin but I was eager to hear more.

It’s going to be fun. Bring something you can dance in.”

This was my only indicator of what I would be getting into as I walked into the Troubadour. Avery was right. Once the duo graced the stage with a concert band of wind instruments, keyboardist, drums and a guest appearance from rapper, Sha’Ki, there was a nonstop party for 30+ minutes. Great vibes. Loud and vibrant sounds. The dance party that I was told about was happening.

When Avery told the crowd that he had on swim trunks because they were on a different wave everyone needed to get on, he was right. Catch the wave. It’s infectious. I was impressed and so was every person at the show. I recommend everyone see Wolves live. Download the EP ASAP

Their new EP "Say The Word" is available on all streaming platforms.

Here are some visuals from the show.