ROYGBIV | Blue is the color of

"In an age of consumerism and materialism, I traffic in blue sky and colored air."

- James Turrell


Blue reminds me of calmness.


Like the water that flows in the tropical. Like the view from the planes that take me to foreign places. Like my favorite American Apparel Jeans and $1 Thrifted Jacket. Like the days I stay home and dance to my favorite JLo songs.  Blue reminds me of summer rain showers in New York and quiet Sunday mornings. 

I know blue reminds people of sadder times but, sometimes saddness is needed to bring about better days. They always say that after the rain comes the sun. Sometimes you have to experience the "blue" to get you to your "calm". 

I won't bore you with my favorite jeans or photos of my dream wardrobe piece; a  Visvim denim kimono . I will leave you with a few of my favorite chill songs to add to your rotation. I hope you fine the calm in your life. From me to you.

- Asha Moné